Welcome to JM2 Seamless Gutters

  • Painting & Roof Repairs
  • We only use the Finest Paints, Primers and Caulking. JM2 can match most colors for a barely noticeable fix
  • Our Roof Repairs are done using Top Quality shingles and felt paper, We also repair and can install standing seam & other styles of Metal roofing
  • For more Info and a FREE ESTIMATE please contact us.

Gutter Cleaning, Repairs and Refurbishing

  • Remove all existing gutters(if present)nails, screws and any other objects that might be on fascia.
  • Prepare drip edge by flipping up slightly so gutters fit up and under
  • Seal endcaps with Geocel 2320 tripolymer sealant 
  • Place Hangtite hangers with clip in gutter approximately every 18"-24" 
  • Secure gutters under drip edge on fascia using 1 1/4" #10 hex-head screws
  • Secure all corners, bay miters and valley shields using zip 1/4' screws and seal with Geocel
  • Attach downspouts to surface and outlets of gutters with screws

Gutter Installation

** Additional cost for copper and galvalume materials

  • Powder Coated small hole Roll Lock Screen - 4' sections ( available in Black & **Solid Copper)

  • Perforated Gutter Guard - 4' sections ( available in Black & White)

  • Vinyl Solid Gutter Guard -  4' sections ( available in White)

  • Aluminum Solid Gutter Guard - 4' sections ( available in over 10 colors)

Gutter Screen and Solid Protection Systems

  • Aluminum Gutter available in over 30 colors
  • .27 gauge aluminum used for superior durability and strength

  • Baked on enamel paint that is fade resistant

  • 2" x 3" & 3" x 4" Aluminum downspouts and elbows available in same colors as gutters

  • **Copper and Galvalume also available (Galvalume not available for Seamless Half Round Gutters)

5" & 6" K-Style & Half Round Seamless Gutters Materials

JM2 Seamless Gutters

  • Siding & Trim
  • At JM2 we have the equipment and expertise in many forms of Siding & Trim
  • Siding Types- Vinyl, **Hardi board, Aluminum and Wood
  • Trim Materials- Aluminum Wrapped, **Hardi board, Vinyl & Wood
  • For more Info and a FREE ESTIMATE please contact us.

Siding, Trim, Painting and Roof Repairs

(**Services part of refurbishment ONLY)

  • All gutter cleanings and refurbishments start out with a complete removal of all debris
  • Gutters and downspouts are cleaned by hand, leaf blower and rinsed clean with water
  • All corners are sealed and tightened if needed and then resealed using Geocel 2320 sealent
  • All downspouts are checked and secured (if needed) using existing or new straps
  • **Hangtite hangers added (as needed) and secured to fascia using #10- 1 1/4" screws
  • **Bent, Dented or Damaged gutters are bent and straightened back to original shape (results vary depending on extent of damage)
  • **All gutters and downspouts are returned to as close to new as permitted based on extent of damage        

**Fiber cement composite material.